Not for Men / Ladies only!

I have trained and worked with ladies through all key stages of life: teenagers, pre-wedding, pre-pregnancy, ante and post natal, mums/ grandmothers, pre and post menopausal ... and the list doesn’t stop there!

Bodylinx Silver encourages ladies to train together (gather mums on the school run, bookclub members, ladies who lunch, mums and babies) regardless of experience, fitness levels or ability. The exercise sessions are tailored for everyone who is ready and raring to go. I want to prove to you that anything is possible!

One of our other training plans may suit your needs better: Bodylinx Gold is 1-to-1 training and Bodylinx Platinum incorporates the full-monty – massage, biomechanical screening.

With patience, effort and believing in yourself you can get the body you want. I am NOT about fad diets or crazy new training regimes ... it is a lifestyle change that will educate, empower and rejuvenate.

In the past I have successfully arranged “ladies’ evenings” where all ranges of topics have been discussed – formerly “menopause – what to expect, how to cope, embrace the changes.” We have an array of new topics to bring to the table – watch this space for upcoming evenings.

working out in the park

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Essential Maintenance:

  • Beautician – Marketa Macfarlane (020 8542 6366)
  • Dietician - Catharine Channing at Tissera Consulting (07716 349536)
  • Organic hair care and skin treatments – Maeve at grip (020 8296 0210)

Helping others:

  • Ever thought about recycling your bras? I will do it for you...I will collect from you and deliver to a local charity who send old bras to third world countries. Just drop me a line.